4. Sending Messages

A: There is no need to select the Team Members as every new Task and messages will be sent to all the Team members of the Team selected in the All Teams screen.
A: Only Managing Users and Executing User assigned to the Task will be able to see and send messages in that Task. Another possibility is that you do not have internet connectivity or your subscription has expired.
A: Once a task is created, you cannot delete a Task. However, you may close the task by KIV or Reject. Likewise, a message once sent, cannot be deleted.
A: While emojicons are useful in setting mood or tone of the message, it is also highly ambiguous. As such emojicon support is disabled in TWGM keyboard. 
A: The user has to grant permission for the app to access your photo/video gallery. To check or modify this permission, go to the iOS device Settings/TWGM/Photos and select "Read and Write" or Android device Settings/Apps/Permissions/Camera/TWGM and select "On".