2. Teams & Team Members

A: You can confirm your role in a particular TWGM team by checking on the team composition in Teams/[Your Team Name]. The team composition will be listed by Managing User, Executing User and Reporting User.
A: If you are a member of multiple TWGM teams, you can toggle between teams using Teams/[Your team name]. The selected team will be displayed in green text font with a green tick. Team Administrator is strongly encouraged to upload team photo for all teams for easy recognition,
A: There are three categories of users in TWGM. All users are able to create tasks and send messages in the tasks created by them. Only Managing Users can edit task functions - Assign to/Task Category/Task Priority/ Task Deadline/Close Task. And Tasks can only be assigned to Managing and Executing Users. Finally, Reporting Users can only report tasks.
A: Yes, you can be a Managing User of your first team, Executing User of your second team and Reporting User of your third team.
A: By default your Team Admin has the same rights as a Managing User and more. And if he is member of multiple TWGM teams, he will be the Team Admin for all these teams. For example, he cannot be a Executing User nor Reporting User of any team.
A: Tasks created by Executing Users will be differentiated by a green background. Tasks created by Reporting Users will have a yellow background. Tasks created by Managing Users will have a white background.