5. App

A: By default, TWGM app will use both cellular data and Wifi for internet connectivity. You can choose not to use cellular data and rely completely on Wifi only. This setting is per device and can be accessed in the Settings/Cellular Data Usage in the TWGM app.
A: When your device is experiencing low or no internet connectivity, you can still use TWGM app. But you may not send new Messages until internet connectivity is re-established.
A: When your subscription has expired, you still use TWGM app. But you may not create new Task nor send new Messages until your subscription is renewed. The Task Export function will also be disabled.
A: The minimum iOS version is 8.0, i.e. TWGM app will run only in iPhone 4s and later or iPad 2 and later version.
A: The minimum Android version is 4.0 5 aka Ice Cream Sandwich
A: In most of TWGM app screen, you can tap. hold and pull down the screen to force the app to do a refresh.
A: Absolutely, just connect your device to a projector, and use the TWGM app to conduct a meeting using the Dashboards and All Tasks screen!