8. Access & Security

A: Please check that mobile data is switched on for TWGM app. For iOS device, go to device Settings/Mobile Data/TWGM is switched on. For Android device, go to device Settings/Wireless & networks/Data usage/Network access/Installed apps/TWGM/Mobile data is switched on.
A: By default, the passcode is set as 0000. All users are strongly encouraged to change the passcode to a 4 digit passcode of your choice as soon as you received your account details.
A: By default, if your device is left unattended, TWGM app will automatically Lock Screen after 5 minutes. You can change this settings in the TWGM app at Settings/Passcode/Lock Screen.
A: If you want to change the password you use to sign in to TWGM app, you can change it easily at any time using TWGM app at Settings/Profile Settings/Change Password.
A: If you’ve forgotten the password you use to sign in to TWGM app, you can reset it easily at any time in the login page of TWGM app. You will receive an email confirmation to reset your password and you will have to select a new 8 character password of your choice, comprising of at least one capital letter, 1 number and 1 symbol.
A: Irrespective of the number of Teams you may be a member of, the same password and passcode will be used. Please use your existing password and passcode. If you have forgotten your password or passcode, you may reset the password which will also reset the passcode to the default 0000.
A: Passcode can only be changed in the TWGM app at Settings/Passcode/Change Passcode. You have to key in your old passcode to change to a new passcode.