The Walking GM

App Features

Create a Task for an issue, a job, a topic, or anything so that everyone has a transparent view of all that’s going on – where it matters. Top down, bottom up or sideway communication – anyhow you like it!

If you are a member of multiple teams with an enterprise package, you can select the tasks of a particular team to manage by selecting the team in the All Teams function

Select Team

Update your profile photo and display name so that your Messages can be easily identified.

User Profile

Use cellular data and/or Wifi connection. The choice is yours!

Internet Connectivity

Your security concern is our priority too. You are kept secured with two levels of access security options - Password for login security and Passcode for device security.

Access Security

Your Dashboards

Get a helicopter view of all your Tasks in the Dashboard. In a glance, you can see your Tasks grouped by Priorities, Deadlines or Categories. And never miss a Task again! Great for reporting too!

The Priority Dashboard groups all outstanding tasks by their priorities. So that you can manage the urgent tasks first.


The Deadline Dashboard groups all outstanding tasks by their deadlines. Users can read all the tasks without deadlines and assign appropriate deadlines.


The Category Dashboard groups all outstanding tasks by their categories. In a glance, user can see where are the main problem areas that need attention.


Task Features

Anyone can create a Task. Managers provide management directions and executives to follow-up. Wherever you are, whatever you see can be recorded and shared on the move for the Team to follow-up. These are powerful features in the app that make creating, monitoring, directing and closing any Task so easy to perform!

Depending on the importance of the tasks, users can set task to Priority 1 (most important), Priority 2 (important), Priority 3 (can wait).

Set Priority

Deadline can be set as one-off when the task is ad hoc in nature. For tasks that are repeated based on a fixed schedule e.g. maintenance job, recurring deadlines can be set. So that the next recurring task can be auto-generated when the current scheduled task is completed.

Set Deadline

Tasks can be assigned to Managing Users and Executing Users only. E.g. of Managing Users can be the management members of the team, while Executing Users can be members of the in-house technical team or even out-sourced technical team.

Assign Task

Discussions are made through group chats. Share Messages, Photos and Videos. And any decision made by the Team is available to all authorised Members to see.

Send Chat Messages

It is more difficult to describe using words. Send a photo or video instead!

Attach Photo/Video

By tagging tasks to appropriate category, users can manage and easily see where are the main problem areas that need attention.

Select Category

Get notified when new Tasks are created or when new Messages are received and never miss another update!

Get Notifications

Too many Tasks to handle? With our Dashboards, you can easily navigate to the Tasks you need to work on! Or use Sort and Filter to see exactly what you want!

Use Sort & Filter

Need to attach the Task history for a report or for safe-keeping? With just a button you can Export the Task to your computer!

Export File

Need to find a particular Task quick? Just key in the search text and you will find the matching Tasks!

Quick Search

Once a Task is completed, you can Close Task. Closed Tasks can still be managed in the All Tasks screen using Sort & Filter and in the Priority Dashboard.

Close Task